Belbridge Hague


The high quality of service that we offer our clients resonates from our respectful and supportive workplace and is built on by years of experience and a genuine passion for growing our collective legal knowledge.

Quality client service starts with a team that enjoys working together

Within the Belbridge Hague office you will find a group of people who are independently managing their client and non-client work. They are not driven by quotas or micro-management, but by their own autonomy, respect for our clients and an internal drive to deliver the best possible service. This cultivates an environment of impressive work ethic and allows room for laughter and friendship within our team.

Belonging to a firm that was established in 1869 gives us an appreciation for traditions and values of the past. We also understand that, more than 150 years later, expectations have evolved. Our clients need solutions quickly and they need our quality of work to be incredibly high. We embrace modern technology and software to meet these needs. We also embrace modern ethics, inclusivity and equality to ensure that all of our clients and staff feel comfortable and welcomed.

We value tradition while embracing modern values and solutions


The idea of sitting in a stuffy office and trying to understand the complex language of an unsmiling lawyer isn't appealing to anyone.

Building a genuine relationship with clients, getting to know their families and communicating in plain english are all very important to our team.


When seeking services from our firm, we will ensure that you're not just backed by one lawyer, but by a dedicated team.

You will receive contact from various team members, stemming from their own unique knowledge and skillset.

Whether we have worked with you for 10 years or 10 minutes, you are a valued part of our business.


Our staff aren't here to kill time. They are working with our firm because their values align with ours and because they are passionate about solving local legal issues.

Our solicitors have studied for decades between them and our support staff are always asking questions and attending training to further their own knowledge.

We invest time and money in the wisdom of our team, and those resources will never feel wasted.

A note from our Director, Rob Meers.

“We don’t just address the issues that you ask us about; we want to identify the other needs that you may not yet be aware of. We regard you as a client for life. Our firm has been around for over 150 years and we intend to ensure that it continues for another 150. To do that we need the right staff, with the right knowledge and understanding, to comprehensively undertake the right work for your needs. All of these factors must reflect our firm’s ethos – our standards and values. We’re in that space now. We will maintain that focus upon what you need, even as your needs change”.